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M&A and Strategic Advisory

The firm adopts a long-term, trusted client relationship model. Rather than being corporate supermarket salesmen with enormous pressure to produce fees year after year, Aquaa Partners is a true, equity-owning partnership, built on trust and a shared transaction history, focused on providing the highest-quality advice to our long-term relationships. We are truly focused on the long-term, and can provide advice that reflect this reality.

The Essential 12 Steps of Techquisition
Download The Essential 12 Steps of Techquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Most of our clients are established, growth-focused companies who come to us because they are considering making an investment in or an acquisition of a technology company as part of their transformation. They understand the world and their industry is rapidly changing and they are focused on adapting their business accordingly.

Our clients generally believe that acquiring the right technology company, ie acquiring digital capabilities, assets, technologies and talented staff, can bridge gaps, accelerate growth, guard against disruption and enhance the customer experience.

However, our clients also understand that successfully acquiring a technology company today entails significant challenges.

The deal environment for “digital” companies or “tech” companies today is becoming so much more competitive – not only from tech companies themselves as acquirers but also from traditional “non-tech” strategic acquirers in all industries who want tech.

As the world becomes more and more competitive, driven by exponential advances in technology, more and more traditional companies that are growth-focused are contemplating the question “how can we be a disruptor ourselves rather than a disruptee?”

And these companies are taking action. They are acquiring tech companies, in addition to pursuing organic initiatives to leverage digital technology in their business and products.

At Aquaa Partners we help these companies create more value, guard against disruption and enhance the customer experience by acquiring the right tech company. We advise our clients in applying and leveraging the 12 steps of Techquisition to create and retain maximum value from a technology company acquisition.

Having learned from our own several decades of experience of advising on large technology company M&A transactions, as well as having invested in over 30 private technology companies, we recognise that there are probably 1,000 ways a technology company acquisition can go wrong. If executed poorly, a technology company acquisition can cost an acquirer tens or hundreds of millions of dollars (or euros, pounds, yen etc), and several months, if not years, of painful un-doing.

Understanding this led us to develop the Techquisition method – to help guide companies through the maze of acquiring a tech company.

Technology company acquisition – when executed properly – is a science. It can be a game-changing, transformative event for the acquiring company.

At Aquaa Partners we advise our clients on technology company acquisitions – including all steps of the Techquisition process – ensuring, for example, that the qualification, search and diagnosis are done properly, that a Chalk Talk script is created and applied, and that all possible steps are taken to secure a Bleed-Free acquisition.

With every transaction, our goal for our clients is that they create more value, guard against disruption and enhance the customer experience by successfully acquiring the right tech company.

Trusted Advisor

At its core, the basis of our business is trust.

Our clients trust us to help them achieve their strategic and financial business objectives – to facilitate and solve their most important strategic issues and help them realize their strategic objectives, usually through an M&A transaction.

We have a strong culture of putting our clients first, being the best at what we do, and bringing all the intellectual resources and experience of the partnership to bear on our client objectives. Aquaa Partners has truly global capabilities, with a mix of global nationalities and varied business and cultural experiences, at both the most senior level in financial services and in global multinational operating companies.

Most of our M&A transactions have a cross-border element. Our experience base and wide network of relationships allow us to execute transactions no matter where in the world they might take place.

Our goal for our own firm is to continue to expand our Aquaa “eco-system” of exceptional brains, relationships, and experiences and bring it to bear on the global markets in which we operate, compete and invest so that our current and future clients can benefit as well.