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Levering existing assets into something greater

Aquaa Partners. We perceive the dots and connect them so that the path to true value realisation is paved

Our vision is a world where all companies are technology companies

Aquaa Partners is an FCA authorised and regulated London-based corporate finance advisory firm focused on the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) industries. Aquaa Partners was founded in 2010 by Paul Cuatrecasas, who had previously founded Alegro Capital in 2003 and co-founded ARC Associates in 1993.

The firm offers its clients independent advice on mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings, company sales, divestitures, restructurings, leveraged buy-outs and a wide variety of strategic issues. In selected situations we also invest alongside our clients.

Unlike other firms, we advise established “non-tech” corporates on accelerating their stakeholder value through investing and acquiring the right technology companies for a win-win strategic combination and exponential value creation.

"Aquaa Partners is a true, equity-owning partnership, built on trust and a shared transaction history, focused on providing the highest-quality advice to our long-term relationships."

Our Values. Serving your interests

The primary values that we live by are:

  • The client is at our core – We are a 100% all-in team. Tenacious and highly experienced. Strategic. Ego-free.

  • We set the bar – for ourselves, for our clients, our ecosystem, even our competitors. Everything that goes out our door must be at world-class level. We expect the best of ourselves and of others who work with us.

  • Always learning – we are devoted to constant learning and growth – both company growth and personal growth – with an insatiable drive to fulfil our company mission and vision.

  • Self-determining – we know we can (and we do) construct solutions to every problem, no matter how challenging. This is our DNA in action, week to week, day to day, hour to hour.

  • Unique – we see afresh what others take for granted. What others see linearly we see exponentially. We like to empower our solutions with our unique perspective, insights, and guidance.

Our Why. True value realisation

Our why is to perceive the dots and connect them so that the path to true value realisation is paved

In the past the professionals of Aquaa Partners have acted as corporate finance adviser to companies such as Heineken, Zehnder Group, Billerudkorsnas, Manitou, Armacell, Ageas, NEC, Swisscom, Belgacom, ICL/Fujitsu, eBay, Deutsche Telekom, Tandberg Television, E*TRADE, Inmarsat, Sonera, Cable & Wireless, Equant, Marconi, Olivetti and Binatone in addition to smaller companies such as Gumtree and Memorex, as well as leading private equity firms such as Apax, KKR, Permira, Hicks Muse, HG Capital, JP Morgan Capital and Accel Partners, Balderton Capital and DN Capital, among others.

At its core, the basis of our business is trust.

Our clients trust us to help them achieve their strategic and financial business objectives – to facilitate and solve their most important strategic issues and help them realize their strategic objectives, usually through an M&A transaction.

We have a strong culture of putting our clients first, being the best at what we do, and bringing all the intellectual resources and experience of the partnership to bear on our client objectives. Aquaa Partners has truly global capabilities, with a mix of global nationalities and varied business and cultural experiences, at both the most senior level in financial services and in global multinational operating companies.

Most of our M&A transactions have a cross-border element. Our experience base and wide network of relationships allow us to execute transactions no matter where in the world they might take place.

Our goal for our own firm is to continue to expand our Aquaa “eco-system” of exceptional brains, relationships, and experiences and bring it to bear on the global markets in which we operate, compete and invest so that our current and future clients can benefit as well.

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