Go Tech, or Go Extinct The book

How Acquiring Tech Disruptors Is The Key For Survival and Growth For Established Companies

Go tech or go extinct

About the book

As the founder and CEO of Aquaa Partners, Cuatrecasas has facilitated more than forty-five global merger and acquisition transactions involving technology companies and ranging in size from $1 million to $1.5 billion.

Leveraging insights gained from his one-on-one meetings with C-suite executives of over 300 large corporations during 2018 and 2019, Cuatrecasas explains why so many corporates are failing at innovation and why technology companies represent the new secret formula for non-tech corporate incumbents to delight their customers and leave their competition in the dust.

Go Tech, or Go Extinct is an insider’s guide to the opportunities available for established companies willing to embrace rapid change without sacrificing their core goals. More encompassing than a “how-to” handbook, this resource is designed for ambitious C-suite leaders eager to implement the future-focused actions vital to survive and thrive. Armed with the same priceless wisdom that Cuatrecasas uses to create exponential returns for his clients, you’ll identify and seize smart ideas on how to invest and acquire to radically improve your positioning.

In Go Tech or Go Extinct, you’ll discover:

  • The keys to turning your company into a fully modernized contender
  • How the right partnerships and acquisitions not only protect your market position, but transform your share price
  • The new levers of value creation required to multiply established corporations’ market worth
  • The methodologies and tactical ploys to invest in and acquire tech companies with almost zero risk
  • Important factors in bringing teams of technology talent into your culture without breaking it, and much, much more

Go Tech, or Go Extinct is an unparalleled insight into how you can maintain your company’s success in a disruptive climate. If you like straightforward advice, proven fact-based tactics, and don’t mind a departure from traditional culture, then you’ll love Paul Cuatrecasas’ tour-de-force.

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Meet the author: Paul Cuatrecasas

Paul Cuatrecasas is the Founder and CEO of Aquaa Partners. 

Previously he was the Founder and a Partner of Alegro Capital from 2003-2010. Previous to Alegro, Paul was the co-founder and Managing Director of ARC Associates from 1993-2003. (ARC Associates was a leading independent London-based TMT mergers and acquisitions advisory practice with a full range of blue chip and entrepreneurial clients including Sonera, Cable & Wireless, Apax, Marconi, Equant, ICL, KKR, Permira and BT, amongst others).

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