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Alternative Protein December 2020

Alternative Protein

Strategic Opportunities For Food Industry Participants Across The Food Ecosystem

Alternative proteins such as plant-based meat and soon cultured meat and fish are disrupting the traditional food processing industry and they will emerge as the future of food.

These proteins are an environmentally conscious, healthy, and cruelty free alternative to the traditional meat industry, and are popular with younger generations.

Our briefing covers the more common plant-based protein and cultured meat, all the way to insect protein and Mycoprotein.

There are hundreds of upstart companies already in this industry. As popularity among consumers grows and the barriers to market adapt, the value of the sector should skyrocket as it begins todisrupt the entire animal protein ecosystem (estimated to be worth $5 trillion today on a global basis).

In this month's briefing we share key insights on the potential size of the market, the key players within it, and the exciting opportunities for established players to defend their existing market position amidst the disruption.

We also cover the key innovative and disruptive companies, and we include an exclusive interview with Rom Kshuk, the CEO of Israel-based Future Meat Technologies, a rising star in the cultured meat space.

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