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Digital Agriculture 2.0 February 2022

Digital Agriculture 2.0

Digital Agriculture 2.0 is driving the integration of the discrete digitalized tasks on a farm, offering lower costs, exponential growth in productivity and higher ROI, via precision, automation, data driven farm insights and D2C outreach to farmers.

Traditional agri-producers and incumbent “pick & shovel” players now have a unique opportunity to transform, and augment their market share by:

  • Adapting existing resources to build ‘techquified farms’
  • Consolidating isolated digital agri-tasks into a tech ecosystem, enabling a digital farm

Tech-enabled digitalized farms and “pick & shovel” players enabling a hands-free farm have attracted nearly $5 billion of VC capital in the past 3 years (2019-2022YTD) in 730+ funding deals, on the back of incremental revenue via D2C access, reduced food wastage, and a route to achieve ‘Net Zero’ targets via sustainable and precise food production.

This intelligence briefing uncovers how digitalized farms will become a key component in reshaping the future food landscape that will revolve around tech, precision, self-sufficiency in food production and sustainability.

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