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Digital Agriculture May/June 2021

Digital Agriculture

Traditional agriculture faces several layers of challenges today. Digital agriculture solutions however will radically transform agriculture as we know it. Digital will improve productivity for farmers and reduce the reliance on land and labor.

The future of agriculture is fully autonomous farms, pivoted around automation, data, and sustainable agriculture practices.

From autonomous tractors to drone imagery technology, there are hundreds of promising upstarts in the industry, that have raised over $6bn of VC capital in the past 3 years, across 580+ deals.

This month's Executive Briefing includes an exclusive interview with Mr Igino Cafiero, Co-Founder and CEO of Bear Flag Robotics, a rising star enabling farmers to improve their productivity, safety, and bottom line, through adding autonomous technology and analytics to agricultural machinery.

It is a good time for incumbents to make strategic moves in this area, and we cover it all in this month’s briefing.

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