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Digital Food Management May 2022

Digital Food Management

Revolutionising The Global Food Supply Chain

Traditional food management is faced with multi-dimensional problems, ranging from food safety and wastage to higher food costs and labour shortages.

Digital Food Management will exponentially improve productivity and presents a $120 billion opportunity to tackle the $1.5 trillion food waste problem.

A transition from conventional to digital food management will establish a mutually beneficial and sustainable supply chain.

Tech-driven food sourcing, inventory management, and traceability solutions have gained traction among VCs, who have invested c.$1.5 billion in the past 3 years (2019-21) in food management tech start-ups.

There is a huge opportunity for digital food management players as over 50% of the companies globally are yet to build a plan for digital transformation of their supply chains. Food incumbents and QSRs can radically transform their business through strategic alliances with digital food management companies.

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