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Food Safety And Traceability October / November 2022

Food Safety And Traceability

Ensuring End-to-End Transparency

Food safety problems are a leading cause of more than 200 preventable diseases worldwide.

Post the COVID-19 pandemic consumers are more focused on food safety and are increasingly seeking awareness about the products they consume.

Technology is completely transforming the tedious traditional food safety and traceability methods and helping both the F&B industry as well as the consumers.

Food safety and traceability companies have gained traction among VCs, who have invested c. $2.1bn in the past 3 years (2019 to 2021) in these start-ups.

Tech-based modern-day start-ups are helping incumbents to utilise food safety and traceability in innovative new ways through strategic alliances, and the F&B industry is poised to benefit.

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