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Food Waste Tech April 2021

Food Waste Tech

Unlocking societal benefits while creating economic value

Approximately one-third of all food produced goes to waste, costing the world an estimated $1.3 trillion dollars in visible impacts and 2-3x that amount in invisible impacts such as loss of biodiversity and water scarcity. In a world that will soon have 10 billion people living in it, this is a problem that must be solved.

However, the good news is that entrepreneurs, investors, and established companies are all investing significant sums into technology to solve these problems.

  • Start-ups are already piloting innovative tech solutions, from automated cooking solutions to data-driven demand analytics.
  • VC funding is coming on line: $600m raised in 61 deals by tech-driven food waste companies in 2020 including Unicorn startup Plant-Ag, for example, which is digitising the fresh produce supply chain is reported to be raising $800m in the coming months.
  • Traditional players including Del Monte and Danone have entered into strategic partnerships with key tech companies in the space

This month's Executive Briefing includes an exclusive interview with Mr Stefan Kalb, Co-Founder and CEO of Shelf Engine, a rising star enabling grocers to increase their margins by removing food waste.

This is a great time for incumbents to make strategic moves in this area, and we cover it all in this briefing.

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