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Meal Kits 2.0 March 2022

Meal Kits 2.0

Consumer behavioural changes are propelling the rise of “A Food Ecosystem Pivoted On Meal Kits”.

While social restrictions imposed during the pandemic acted as a major catalyst for consumer adoption of meal kits, this shift is becoming permanent with the rise in digital adoption across geographies.

Digital adoption coupled with consumer’s need for speed, convenience and personalization are the key drivers transforming the ‘Meal Kit Ecosystem’.

Players across the food value chain can collaborate with / offer meal kits to gain from this disruption. This disruption presents a win-win opportunity to players across the food ecosystem via

  • Access to niche segments
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sales
  • Attainment of sustainability goals
  • Low food wastage and
  • Unique brand positioning

The intelligence briefing uncovers how meal kits will become a key component in shaping the future food landscape that will revolve around tech, convenience, sustainability and personalisation.

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