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The Future of the Food Midstream July 2021

The Future of the Food Midstream

Digital Warehousing And Logistics

The food industry hinges on the midstream as a crucial pivot; its technological obsolescence has huge cost implications across the food supply chain.

Digitalization is beginning to unlock social and commercial benefits as it takes advantage of the confluence of various technologies such as AI, blockchain, ML and robotics. Data and drones will be the future of the digital warehouse, with food traceability through blockchain revolutionising the supply chain.

Innovative digital warehousing & logistics players have attracted over $6.5bn of VC capital in the past three years, across 400+ deals.

This month's Executive Briefing includes an exclusive interview with Mr Sangeet Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of Addverb Technologies, a rising star enabling logistics players worldwide to thrive through Addverb’s innovative robotics solutions.

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