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Vertical Farming January/February 2021

Vertical Farming

A step towards eliminating food scarcity

Growing populations, increasing urbanisation and mounting health pressures are causing seismic shifts in agriculture.

Vertical farming offers an innovative and practical solution, delivering up to 400x greater yield per square metre, at lower economic, ethical, and health costs.

Our briefing covers the three common vertical farming methodologies, the benefits and drawbacks of vertical farms vs. traditional agriculture. It also explores the potential for fully automated farming.

Already there are hundreds of upstart companies in this industry.

As these companies grow and develop a track record at the same time that the technology advances exponentially fast (particularly LED lighting), the companies will overcome the challenges of capital intensity.

They will grow exponentially and disrupt the existing end-to-end agriculture ecosystem that we estimate to be worth $15 trillion globally today.

In this month's briefing we share key insights on the potential size of the market, the key players, and the opportunities available for established players to defend and grow their existing market position amidst the disruption.

We include an exclusive interview with Mr David Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of AeroFarms, a rising star and one of the major players in the Vertical Farms space.

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