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“Innovation is not enough”: Paul Cuatrecasas

Paul Cuatrecasas in his office in London

Sitting in his London office, surrounded by books on business, economics and history, the Founder and CEO of Aquaa Partners, Paul Cuatrecasas, describes the type of scenario that inspired him to become an author. “Let’s say you’re a food processor company in Europe with a brand that’s been around for 100 years,” he begins...

“You’ve done well, amassed a strong market share and created a great product. But now you’re facing pressure from lots of angles across the value chain. There are new products coming out all the time that brand themselves as healthy, sustainable, no plastic, great taste, no sugar, no additives and so on.

It’s easier than ever for new players to do marketing and sales, to go direct to the consumer. It doesn’t cost a lot for your customer to switch from your brand to the competition.

“All of a sudden, your brand, which has been loved by millions of people for years and years, no longer receives much love or many sales. People are choosing this other brand, which they see as healthier, more sustainable and better for their kids...

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