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Join Portfolio Day 2022: The Neue Industry, Ambassador Networks and “Techquisition”


In this month's edition of The Neue Industry, JOIN Capital's newsletter, Aquaa Partners was delighted to have been featured as the transformative power of techquisition continues to be recognised and shared. 

The power of “techquisition”

Paul Cuatrecasas, Founder and CEO of Aquaa Partners, used the term “techquisition” in his keynote, but it quickly became an important theme throughout the day. It succinctly highlights the important relationship between startups and corporates — one in which startups play a pivotal role in building the technologies that then become valuable to companies with existing global reach and influence.

Decision makers within today’s global giants are concerned more about the next quarter, and not the future of innovation. We can’t blame them — it’s simply the reality. However, that’s where startups come in: they are able to show larger companies that today’s times are not just business as usual, but rather “business as exponential”.

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