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London's eco-friendly new homes: can the city live up to Boris Johnson's pledge to 'build back better' at affordable prices?

The post-Covid plan promises £15bn for 180,000 lower-cost, zero carbon, quality homes in green spaces. This pledge should be shared by all builders.

A new generation of green developers is taking the lead on the Government’s promise to build better after Covid-19, delivering homes with earth walls held together by hemp cement.

Boris Johnson first used the phrase in May. “We owe it to future generations to build back better” and create a “fairer, greener economy”.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak followed the charge this month with a £3 billion eco-package to make public buildings greener and homes more energy efficient, restore wetlands and plant trees — all in a bid to be carbon zero by 2030.

Coronavirus has piled on the pressure to create a pandemic-safe capital city that is cleaner and greener...

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