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Top Books To Inform Your Technology And Innovation Strategy


Go Tech or Go Extinct: How Acquiring Tech Disruptors is the Key to Survival and Growth for Established Companies, by Paul Cuatrecasas

Acquiring startups is a popular way for established companies to gain talent or new technologies. However, while many of those deals appear to be useful at the start, they often lose value at integration. According to various sources, including the Harvard Business Review, the failure rate for mergers and acquisitions sits between 70% and 90%.

Paul Cuatrecasas, an investment banker who advises technology companies, has written a guide on how traditional businesses can identify the acquisitions right for them and successfully integrate them. Cuatrecasas says “for traditional incumbents, technology is either a virus or a vitamin. The ultimate lever is a double-edged sword – you can use it to kill your competition, or it can be used to kill you.”

His book outlines twelve steps that traditional companies can use to work out what acquisitions they need to make, how to search for qualified startups, how to engage with them, close the deal and then welcome them, their technologies and culture into the larger business.

This is a useful book for larger companies to understand the acquisition process, and for startups whose aim it is to get acquired.

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